Race Programs: ChampCar

ChampCar Endurance Series

Known for its cost effective racing, ChampCar is the fastest-
growing endurance racing series in North America, with the slogan "Real Racing, Real Tracks, Real Cheap Cars!" Cost aside, the series has built a name for itself ‍‍‍by hosting highly competitive endurance races on premier bucket-list tracks, giving racers the opportunity to compete with over 110 cars at a single time.

Amateur? Think not. Although Champ‍‍‍Car is a great entry point to endurance racing,most of these races include professional drivers and teams competing with their own cars.

Honda Civic Hatchback (EG & EK gen)

Class: ChampCar Class-A ( < 1.9L displacement)

Drivetrain:FWD 1.8L DOHC 4 cylinder engine with 5 speed manual transmission
Interior & Safety: Complete 8pt rollcage, OMP HTE-R race seat, Schroth Profi-II Enduro 6 point race harness, OMP racing steering wheel, OMP fire suppression system, AIM Data acquisition, K-Tuned adjustable shifter, driver radio communication, CoolSuit driver cooling

Race Type: 7 to 24 hour endurance races, split between 2-6 drivers
Driver Requirements: No competition licence required. Snell 2010 helmet or newer with HANS device, 2 or 3 layer Nomex racing suit, shoes and gloves
Race Schedule: Throughout North America, year-round
Availability:‍‍‍ Vehicle purchase, testing & race rental opportunities available

at Calabogie Motorsports Park
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Where does TWOth fit in?

Arguably the largest ChampCar program in existence, there are currently 11 Honda Civics ‍‍‍competing in the series, built and supported by TWOth Autosport. We use ChampCar to learn new tracks, practice endurance racing, team organization, and further develop our drivers and crew.

Car Details

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